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About Me

I live in Hertfordshire and am a single mum to two wonderful boys 13 and 15, we love life. I have spent time creating a life for my family which is all about enjoying outdoor spaces. Working as a team to run the household. As a result, we have a belief system that everything is possible with a lot of work and learning new skills.

As my focus is on my family and being there for them this type of virtual work fits in perfectly. Whilst they are at school I work either from home or in clients’ offices and when they go to bed I work again. I think you’ll agree this is so important, are you making enough time for your family?

If you want to know more about me give me a call.

As a Business Owner

A business or more importantly your business will feel like a family. Needing structure, boundaries, and focus on teams and individual goals, for instance. But let me tell you this, you will not survive or even grow if you don’t leverage your time better. You must know this otherwise why are you here? You need to outsource.

Learning fast and attention to detail and processes are some of my best skills. I will always feedback after our meetings so the tasks are understood and actioned on. I believe communication is the key to any successful client relationship. Without this you will not feel in control of your business, a fear I know lots of business owners have. Take a look at my testimonials page and see how I have helped past and current clients feel.

As a Business Champion

I champion small businesses, by buying locally wherever I can. I am a member of several local business Facebook groups. Where I encourage conversation and support as well as the opportunity to showcase their businesses. You may have met me at local business meetings which I attend, to grow my business network. I am glad you are here and I look forward to your call.

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