Do you find yourself constantly juggling team management, project coordination, and business operations? It's time to regain control of your business and your time.

Imagine having more time in your business and me on your side, supporting you to achieve your goals. 

I offer more than just services; I provide you with the gift of time by streamlining the business processes and taking some of the management duties off your to-do list.

Imagine having the time to innovate, create, and grow your business. It's not just a dream; it's what I do for my clients every day.

My tailored approach to business management, leadership, and outsourcing allows you to focus on what you do best – delivering your expertise to your clients.

The monthly retainer includes....

  • Quarterly Planning Reviews: Every three months, together we conduct a comprehensive review of your business, ensuring it aligns with your goals and vision.
  • Weekly Catch-Up Calls: I keep you informed and empowered with weekly one-hour catch-up calls, allowing you to stay connected with your business without getting bogged down.
  • Daily/Weekly Operations Management: I handle everything from team leadership and project management to performance metrics, operations monitoring, and time tracking. I ensure your business runs at peak efficiency.

The Investment

My flat fee of £1500 per month, on a retainer basis, grants you the freedom to lead your business without being trapped by it.

Book a call to start your journey toward business freedom today.

This is for you if.....

  • You are bouncing from one event/launch or membership intake to another, just fighting fires.
  • Your diary is overwhelming and your brain is constantly ON!!
  • You want to work with someone who offers management-level support in your business.
  • Behind the scenes is a mess, you know it but you never have the time to sort it.
  • The business is running at a turnover of £70k plus a year and you have a small team of freelancers but you just can't seem to grow.

Let's talk about how I can support your business