A virtual business manager, also known as an online business manager can be a huge support to your company when you are looking to grow but struggling to find the time to manage everything yourself. This blog post suggests just eight things a virtual business manager could support you with to help your business thrive.


What can a virtual business manager help with?

1. Team resourcing and management

One of the biggest advantages of hiring a virtual business manager is that you can use their leadership skills to improve your teams’ performance. And think about all the time you could save by having your online business manager handle the recruitment of staff. Your virtual business manager can also take responsibility for running team meetings, team communications and even performance reviews.


2. Metrics and performance tracking

Your virtual business manager can add a great deal of value to your business by helping you to track business performance more accurately and regularly. Properly qualified OBMs will understand how to identify the key performance indicators (KPIs) you need to run your business effectively. They should also be able to spot issues early and provide suggestions for corrective action.


3. Systems and process improvement projects

Project management is one of the key skills you can expect from a virtual business manager. Although you might have the skills to manage your projects, as your business grows, it’s unlikely you will have the time to keep on top of everything. By hiring an online business manager with project management skills, you’ll be able to say yes to new and exciting projects that can propel your business forward much more quickly. If you are keen to grow your business, it’s vital to systematize and get as much automation into the basic processes as possible. These are the task that can be a big time-suck and take you away from more creative work.


4. Strategic brainstorming

You might think you have the monopoly of idea creation for your business but it never hurts to test your ideas out before you spend time and money developing something that there’s no market for. Use your OBM as a sounding board to help improve your decision-making.


5. Customer and stakeholder communications

Your virtual business manager will have great communication skills which you should take advantage off. They can help you to prepare executive presentations, internal stakeholder comms and even customer marketing material, all to a high standard. These activities could be strategic such as creating a business marketing plan or operational such as running a social media team.



6. Financial reporting and management

Some virtual business managers specialise in helping companies to get their finances working well. They can implement reporting from your accounting system to allow you to track all your important numbers and they may even be able to provide management information such as variance analysis and cashflow reporting so you can make the best possible decisions.



7. Eyes and ears for your business

You can’t be everywhere at once, so you’ll need help to keep up with what’s happening inside your business, with your competitors, and with the wider industry. An OBM can be another pair of eyes and ears over your business making sure everything is running smoothly.


8. Your mental wellbeing

Knowing you have someone on your team who can handle things at a more senior strategic level can make a huge difference to your mindset and mental wellbeing. If you have a competent person you can rely on, you’re more likely to take time out when you need it, work sensible hours and go on holiday without being glued to your phone or laptop checking that everything is working as it should be.


There are many more ways that a virtual business manager could assist you to create a business you can scale. I’d love to chat with you about how I can help streamline and automate your business. Email zoetheva@yahoo.com or complete my contact form.

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