Creating your course online 

A client came to me as she wanted to create an online course from her in-person course. She wanted to create a course that would still have lots of fun and encourage people to connect with her. As a coach and a healer, her business is all about feeling the connection to your spirit guides, a compelling message.

We had an initial meeting to scope the project, and I created a contact plan around her schedule. For us both, it gave us accountability and kept the project on track. It also means we both stuck to each deadline. She, in turn, supplied the content, colours and, I formatted this into an online course.

Testing the online course 

Once I had finished the online course with her content, signature, and videos, the next stage was to test the user experience.

Initially, we used existing clients who had prior knowledge of her teaching. Then we asked and those who were complete novices to test the course. The feedback we got from both was invaluable, ensuring the course was user-friendly and delivered on all the requirements and outcomes.


Casestudy for Online Course success1
Launching the course for sale 

Once the course was ready and tested, a launch event was next in the plan of action. This was an exciting time for us both as we had worked hard to bring the vision to reality. We used a landing page detailing all the course’s aspects and outcomes, backed up with testimonials to launch the course.

I created an email sequence once people signed up to send them more information about purchasing and accessing the course.

The launch was a great success, and in the first two weeks, the sales made were enough to cover the cost of her time, my time and she was in profit!

Over the next few months, I tracked the course’s sales and retargeting those who had shown an interest but not purchased, achieving a 50% return on the emails sent. In many instances, people often do not buy the first time they see the information, and it can take time to make a purchase.

Do you want to create an online course?

If you have run in-person courses and now want to transition these into online courses, talk to me about how I can help. We can work together to bring your knowledge and expertise to life in an online course. Send me the content and I will create it for you – leaving you more time to work with your clients. Give me a call on 07970719428.

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